We urgently need to raise funds to support newly arriving refugees. Families are arriving every day, and we must act now to ensure they are supported today and in the immediate future as residents of Detroit.The Network’s goal is to raise $1,125,811 to provide services and support for hundreds of refugees resettling in the city of Detroit.

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doctor sonia hassanThe Detroit Refugee Network was created by Samaritas to build a strong coalition of corporation, community and civic leaders to work alongside Samaritas to welcome and serve refugee families so they can be self-sufficient and thrive as healthy, contributing members of our shared community.

Join the First Lady of Detroit, Dr. Sonia Hassan, as she co-chairs with Kelli Dobner, Samaritas’ Chief Advancement Officer, this coalition of community, corporate and civic leaders, answering the call to welcome hundreds of those escaping war and unspeakable trauma.

Immediate placement in affordable permanent housing on the road to home ownership

Basic needs, safety and legal services

Access to healthcare and family wellness

Employment programs


Cultural and social education

Education and school integration

Faith and community partners

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Pay to the order of: Samaritas
8131 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48214

If you would like to speak directly with one of the Detroit Refugee Network co-chairs for more information, please contact Samaritas / Kelli Dobner at Kelli.Dobner@samaritas.org or First Lady of Detroit / Dr. Sonia Hassan at detroitrefugeenetwork@gmail.com.

In the unlikely event that contributions received exceeds the costs associated with the Detroit Refugee Network, those funds will be spent on other mission critical needs.