family is everything

Samaritas has been providing services for children and families since 1934. Samaritas is Michigan’s largest private foster care organization, helping more than 800 children daily. Our experienced staff are passionate about their desire to help foster families create a better life for the children in their care.

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Through Samaritas Child and Family Services Division, we seek to build Community through three vibrant centers: Home and Community Campus Westland, House of Detroit and Community Center Saginaw.

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Through Samaritas’ Family Preservation programs, we seek to guide parents toward creating a satisfying, nurturing home life for the entire family, to keep children in their natural setting with their biological parents.

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Some 2,500 children in Michigan yearn for their “forever family” right now, and through Samaritas' Adoption program – Lutheran Adoption Services - you can help a child find a “life-long loving family.”

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building a healthy home

We all need a solid home base to help us grow to our full potential. If it takes a village to raise a child, it may also require a community to form a healthy family.

At Samaritas, we seek to empower families toward strength and wholeness. Our programs guide families along the path of staying intact, and when that is not possible, we help children find safe, nurturing alternative settings where they can flourish and thrive.


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