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Help families stay intact!

Through Samaritas’s Family Preservation programs, we seek to guide parents toward creating a satisfying, nurturing home life for the entire family, to keep children in their natural setting with their biological parents.

Samaritas provides a continuum of services through our family preservation programs. Focused on the strengths of the family, we guide families toward keeping children safe in their own home.

hugging momHome-Based Services

In Calhoun County, Samaritas staff work with families to make changes that resolve a situation where a child has an emotional disturbance. Services can include counseling for individuals, couples or the entire family; play therapy; advocacy; respite and psychiatric care and more.


Serving Barry, Calhoun, Eaton and Kent Counties, this program makes community connections, increases natural supports and helps with budgeting and education toward keeping families together. The goal is too quickly stabilize and preserve the family.

Families First of Michigan

In Kalamazoo and Macomb Counties, Samaritas is honored to be part of a pilot study toward prevention and preservation activities that build up a family with very young children (ages 0-5). Families who have been identified as having a high risk for future involvement by Children’s Protective Services are guided toward meeting their young children’s needs and increasing safety in their homes.

Protect MiFamily

In Kalamazoo County, our family reunification services start when a family welcomes a child home after being removed in a dire situation. We offer counseling and guidance on the matters that are essential to maintaining a healthy family life, including budgeting, education and home management.

Family Reunification Program

In Saginaw County, this intensive, home-based intervention program focuses on a family’s strengths to resolve problems. The goal is family self-sufficiency.

Families Together Program