Children don’t ask to be born. They come to life dependent on the grace and guidance of adults. So when adults make poor choices and neglect the most basic responsibilities toward our youth, we must pick up the mantle and provide what they need, to set all children on a path toward a healthy, productive life, supported by community and connected to others.

Some 2,500 children in Michigan yearn for their “forever family” right now.

wives with childrenThrough Samaritas’s Adoption program – Lutheran Adoption Services - you can help a child find a “life-long loving family.” Every child needs love, shelter and guidance. These most basic of provisions are missing for some children, and the older the child, the more dire the circumstances, especially when they come from an abusive or neglectful situation.


Find out how you can become an adoptive parent by calling (248) 663-0697. Help us help every child in Michigan find the love and guidance they need.

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Learn more about adoption with our Adoption FAQs.