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HOMEBUILDERS® is an evidence-based program designed to strengthen families. The families served by this intensive, in-home, family therapy model have children in imminent danger of out-of-home placement, or have children in foster care, group care, psychiatric hospitals, or correctional institutions who cannot be reunified without intensive services. The presenting problems may include child abuse, neglect, family conflict, juvenile delinquency, and child or parental developmental disabilities and/or mental health problems. Established in 1974 in Washington State, the HOMEBUILDERS® model has been implemented across the United States and internationally.

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The WA Institute for Public Policy conducted a meta-analysis of research about family preservation, and concluded that programs with high fidelity to HOMEBUILDERS® significantly reduce out of home placement and produce $5.00 of benefits for each dollar spent. Research shows 70% to 90% of families remain safely together six months to a year following services.


The underlying philosophy of HOMEBUILDERS® is that it is best to raise children in their own family. Even when necessary due to safety concerns, placement is traumatic for children, and does not teach families how to keep their children safe in the future.

Model Design

HOMEBUILDERS® is designed to keep children safe while helping the family reach a level of functioning at which it is possible for their children to remain safely at home. It is not designed to help families resolve all of their problems. Family Preservation Workers typically provide a range of research-based interventions to increase life skills, enhance social support networks, access basic needs, and improve family functioning. They serve two families at a time, are available to families 24/7, and work with families in their natural environments for four to six weeks.

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