Independent Living Programs for Youth in Michigan

The Independent Living and Independent Living Plus (ILP) services empower older teens in foster care to grow and develop through specialized teen living programs that build on each person’s strengths. Youth independent living programs are designed to help them learn to live independently as adults.

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Who is eligible?

Youths who are temporary or permanent court wards are eligible for Independent Living programs for youth in Michigan as preparation for emancipation from the foster care system. A teen must meet the following criteria for consideration in the youth Independent Living program:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 16 and 19 years.
  • Youth must be a temporary or permanent court ward.
  • Independent Living for teens must be the most appropriate program for the youth.
  • Youth must be willing to commit to an individual contract with Samaritas that specifies the living arrangement, school or vocational plan, budget, and a schedule for meetings with the IL worker.
  • Youth must exhibit maturity in self-care and personal judgment.
  • Youth must have or agree to a suitable living arrangement.

IL Referrals & ETV Grants

Eligible teens are referred to Independent Living programs for youth in Michigan by their Department of Human Services, court or private agency worker. The referring worker completes a referral form for youth Independent Living. The referring worker also provides initial and recently updated service plans, medical information, birth certificate, Social Security card, Medicaid card, and educational records. Brief written assessments are provided by the youth, referring worker and caregiver.

Samaritas guides foster youth through college with federally-funded educational assistance grants. Educational Training Voucher (ETV) grants and case managers support foster youth toward obtaining their educational goals. Would you like to refer a youth? Please fill out the form below.

While involved with independent living programs for youth in Michigan, older teens receive the following services:

  • Independent youth housing program placement and supervision
  • Life skills assessment of strengths and needs
  • Individualized life skills training
  • Practical hands-on experience
  • Educational or vocational referrals and support
  • Employment referrals and support
  • Adult and/or peer mentors

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Our Independent Living programs for youth in Michigan are an important stepping stone for teens in foster care to become empowered and learn how to use their strengths and the skills they’ve acquired to enter adulthood successfully. To find out more about Independent Living for teens and our independent youth housing program, call us today.

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