Being a Foster Parent in Ann Arbor

The need for Ann Arbor foster care is so great that many people are asked to take in a foster child the very first day they receive their foster-parent license. While this can be stressful, Samaritas is there to help and provide support for you and your foster child throughout the process. With Samaritas guiding the way, you can be confident that you’re doing all you can to help a child in need through Ann Arbor foster care.

Foster father hugs toddler age daughter as she laughs

Ann Arbor Foster Care

Even though there are nearly 5,000 licensed foster homes in Michigan, there are about 10,000 children who need one.This shortage is especially severe in cities like Ann Arbor, where many of those children live. As a result, children and teenagers bounce between short-term homes and even shelters, making it impossible for them to settle down in a secure environment. Ann Arbor foster care is crucial in providing safety and security for area children in need.

You can help these children get the care and attention they need by becoming a foster parent through Samaritas, the
largest private foster care organization in Michigan. Here’s how to become an Ann Arbor foster care provider:

Ann Arbor Foster Parent Orientation

The next step to becoming a foster parent in Ann Arbor is to go to a foster parent orientation hosted by Samaritas. This orientation will review the guidelines and expectations for foster parents and foster families. The orientation is the first stage toward becoming an Ann Arbor foster care provider.

Fill Out an Ann Arbor Foster Care Application

After the orientation, you’ll be able to fill out an official application to become an Ann Arbor foster parent. Samaritas can guide you through this quick and easy form, though you will have to provide your fingerprints and the medical records of you and your family, and submit to a background check, as well.

The Home Evaluation

The local foster care agency will evaluate your home before you can provide foster care in Ann Arbor. This evaluation, however, is not as stringent as many people think it is. Agencies are not looking for a perfect place. The need for foster parents is too great. Instead, they’re looking to ensure your home is a safe and secure place for a young child to stay in for a long period of time.

Ann Arbor foster care applicants are much-needed and vitally important. If you are interested in foster parenting in Ann Arbor, please contact us today.