Providing Foster Care in Flint, MI

The need for foster care in Flint, MI, is so great  that you may be asked to take in a foster child the very first day you receive your license as a foster parent. While this might seem stressful, Samaritas is there to help and guide you through the process. We help more than 800 children every day, and will always be there to help and support you through the fulfilling and uplifting job of providing foster care in Flint, MI.

Foster mother and her son eat ice cream in a forested park after a successful matched adoption through foster care

Foster Care in Flint, MI

There are nearly 5,000 foster homes in the state of Michigan, but 10,000 children who need one. The shortage of foster families is especially dire in cities like Flint, where many of these children live. Samaritas and other foster care agencies in Flint are helping to provide safety and security for vulnerable children. 

If you want to help children in need, and want the fulfilling feeling of caring for others by giving them exactly what they most truly need, consider providing foster care in Flint, MI.. Samaritas, the largest private foster care organization in Michigan, can help guide you
through the process and support you in the ways you need.

Here’s how you can provide foster care in Flint, MI:

Flint Foster Parent Orientation

To provide foster care in Flint, MI, you’ll need to go to a foster parent orientation hosted by Samaritas. At this orientation, you’ll review the guidelines that apply to foster parents and families and learn what will be expected of you. This orientation is the first stage in providing foster care in Flint, MI.

The Application Process

After the orientation, you’ll be able to officially apply to become a foster parent, a requirement for all foster care agencies in Flint. Samaritas can help guide you through the application process, which requires you to provide your fingerprints and medical records of you and your family, as well as submit to a background check.

The Home Evaluation

After applying, the local foster care agency will conduct a home evaluation. A common misconception is that the agency is looking for a perfect home for foster children. In reality, though, they are more concerned that the home providing foster care in Flint, MI,  is safe and secure for a child to live over the long term.