Being a Foster Parent in Grand Rapids

Foster family in Grand Rapids, MI smile for a Christmas/holiday photo while sitting side by side on a large bed, Mother and Father and their two kids are wearing festive hats, as well as their dog to celebrate their successful adoption process and match through foster care in Michigan.

Grand Rapids foster care is critical to the health and safety of vulnerable children. Sometimes, unfortunately, the circumstances of a child's upbringing aren't as positive as they should be. Some children struggle to get the care and attention that they need to thrive, and that means that they need help from foster care agencies in Grand Rapids, MI—and someone like you.

Grand Rapids Foster Care

Being a Grand Rapids foster care provider means that you take the opportunity to play a crucial part in a child's life. You can offer them the nurturing home environment that they need - a place where all children can feel safe and secure. Becoming a Grand Rapids foster care provider can be an enriching experience for you as well as the children in your care.

Help transform a child's life by becoming a Grand Rapids foster care parent.

Becoming a Samaritas Foster Parent in Grand Rapids

As one of the premier foster care agencies in Grand Rapids, MI, Samaritas is a group devoted to caring for children who need a temporary refuge or guidance. We've worked with victims of abuse and neglect, as well as children who simply need somewhere safe to stay while their family problems are rectified back home.

We've been supporting Grand Rapids foster care solutions since 1934, and our team members have all the background experience you could hope for when it comes to navigating the fostering process. We're the largest private foster care organization in Michigan, helping more than 800 children daily. However, if we want to continue doing great work, then we need your assistance.

If you have a place in your home, and heart for a child that needs you, then you could change a child's life with Grand Rapids foster care. All you need to do is pass the state requirements and undergo some basic training. We'll also ask you to stay in touch with the birth-parents of your foster child, who are working to reunite with their loved ones. Attend a foster parent orientation today.

Make a Difference by Providing Foster Care in Grand Rapids

Right now, there are around 10,000 children in foster care across Michigan, and even more searching for a secure, loving home. Becoming a Grand Rapids foster care provider can help meet a crucial need for some of the community’s most vulnerable children.

If you have what it takes to look after a child in need of comfort, and guidance, then you can provide at-risk children with a safe home environment until they can go back to their families.

As a Grand Rapids foster care provider, you'll be expected to provide your child with meals, clothing, a safe place to sleep, and all the comfort and support you can offer. You'll be the person that your foster child looks up to, and the person that they come to for help.

In return, Grand Rapids foster care providers get the opportunity to make the world a better place, one lonely child at a time. At the Samaritas family of foster care agencies in Grand Rapids, MI, we'll give you the on-going training and support you need, while Michigan State offers daily reimbursements to cover the costs of transportation, food, clothing, and recreation. Contact us to learn more about Grand Rapids foster care and how you can provide a loving home for children in need.