Being a Foster Parent in Kalamazoo, MI

Girl in Kalamazoo, Michigan foster program thinking with her chin in her hand, wearing a large head bow

While the number of foster kids in Kalamazoo County is less than what it was in previous years, there are still countless children still waiting for a place to go. This is largely in part to the fact that the number of licensed Kalamazoo foster care homes has also declined. Over the last three years, the number of licensed Kalamazoo foster care homes went from 269 in 2014, down to 267 in 2015, and now down to 229 as of 2016. If the number continues to decline, it is only going to cause more and more problems for the county and the state as a whole. That’s why it is so important that more families open their hearts and their homes to these children by becoming a foster parent in Kalamazoo, MI.

In fact, children have even been forced to sleep on the couch in the DHS office because there was no place else for them to go. Workers ended up having to stay overnight with the children until they were able to place them in a Kalamazoo foster care home. While a lot of it fell on bad timing, it still shows just how few homes there are in the area. It isn’t just a matter of needing more Kalamazoo foster care homes. It is a matter of needing more homes across the state in general. The need for loving, caring, nurturing homes continues to be a problem.

Over the last few years...

The number of homes within Michigan has also declined. At the end of 2014, there were 5,527 licensed foster homes in the state. By 2015, that number had dropped to 5,188 and as of 2016, the number is down to 4,778. If this rate continues, it is only going to be that much harder to find a place for the children. If you have the space and the means to provide a home for these children, there is no time like the present to look into becoming a foster parent in Kalamazoo, MI.

By working with a licensed agency, you can get through the application process and move on to becoming a foster parent in Kalamazoo, MI, in no time. It all starts by making the decision to move forward in the process and making your way through the steps. Once everything is said and done, you will get the chance to bring a child or children into your home and provide them with the love they have desired all along.

Help children get the love and safety they need by becoming a foster parent in Kalamazoo, MI. Being a Kalamazoo foster care provider can be richly rewarding for both foster parent and child. Contact us today to learn more.