Being a Foster Parent in Saginaw

Girl wearing colorful sunglasses smiles as she plays on a swing as she undergoes the foster care adoption process in Saginaw, MichiganFostering a child in Saginaw gives you the power to transform a child's life for good. With love, care, and constant support, you can banish some of the fear and loneliness from a young person's world. Providing foster care in Saginaw, MI, is a way to offer a temporary refuge for children that are in search of guidance and support.

As a foster parent in the Saginaw foster care system, you can play your part in shaping the new generation. Today, thousands of Saginaw children are searching for a place that they can call home - somewhere that they can feel loved, secure and safe. You can be the person that turns a child's life around, and it can all start today with training to provide foster care in Saginaw, MI.

Make a Difference Through Foster Care in Saginaw, MI

From victims of neglect and abuse, to children who are simply looking for their path in life, there are countless youngsters out there desperately in need of your guidance. At Samaritas, we can connect you with foster children in the Saginaw foster care system who are searching for a temporary home.

We have been supporting the Saginaw foster care system since 1934, which means that we have the experience that you need to navigate every step of the fostering process. We're also the largest private foster care organization in Michigan, and we're proud to say that we help more than 800 children daily.

If, like our staff, you're passionate about helping children to discover a better life, then you could make a real difference as a Saginaw foster care provider. All you need to do is meet the state requirements, and go through some simple training. We also ask that you be willing to cooperate with birth parents who are working towards reuniting with their children.

Becoming a Provider in the Saginaw Foster Care System

Did you know that in Michigan, there are almost 10,000 children in foster care? This means that nurturing, and caring people all across Saginaw can help to provide a safe home for these youngsters until they can be returned to their families.

Foster parents in the Saginaw foster care system can provide their temporary children with wholesome meals, clothing, comfort, and a safe place to sleep. You can be the person who takes a child to school each morning, and the role model they look to for help.

In return, you'll get the peace that comes with knowing that you helped to make the world a better place, one child at a time. What's more, you'll also be given on-going support and training from Samaritas, and daily reimbursement from Michigan State to help cover the costs related to providing foster care in Saginaw, MI, such as clothing, transportation, food, and recreation.

Every child deserves the warmth and comfort a loving home can give. We desperately need your help to provide for the hundreds of children in the Saginaw foster care system without a home.

Are you ready to make a difference?