You’re not alone if you’re horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And with the Taliban retaking control of Afghanistan, people are being forced to flee their country with no place to go at a record pace. Unfortunately, this type of aggression is nothing new to the thousands of families, many of which are women and children, who annually flee from their homeland because they are in danger of being persecuted. Samaritas and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service have taken the lead in resettling New Americans and their families and is currently looking for assistance in supporting refugees coming to Michigan.

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Kaitlyn Said "Yes" to Fostering Teens
Kaitlyn knew that she wanted to take care of kids at an early age. It was her calling. She started her fostering journey in her early twenties. Despite the myths, Hoffman's single marital status and young age didn't prevent her from being licensed as a foster parent in Michigan. It also... Read More
Operation Ukraine Humanitarian Mission
Day 2 & 3
May 3 Mihaela traveled from Bucharest to her second destination, Cluj-Napoca to visit family and to schedule interviews with organizations that are helping Ukrainian refugees. Mihaela coordinated with the Ukraine mission team the purchasing of food, toiletries, personal care and medical... Read More
My Experience Working with Refugee Youth
By Esperanza
I came to Samaritas after I had graduated from college in 2020, kind of mid-pandemic. I knew that I wanted to use to my education to help people, but I didn’t know that I was going into social work. I came across the Samaritas job listing and in my interview learned about the kind of work... Read More

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The Fessenden Family

This is the story of 6 siblings who found their forever family through Samaritas adoption and foster care :)

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