We are thrilled to announce that Samaritas will be hosting the Be the Rock Gala to help raise the necessary funds to support vital programs and services that minister to Michigan’s most vulnerable people and celebrate the impact we are making together.

With our theme, “Come and experience a "WORLD OF DIFFERENCE” – a world of difference Samaritas and you are making in the lives of tens of thousands of Michigan children, families, and seniors – our guests will enjoy food, music, culture and creativity from around the world in an immersive event experience that highlights the lives of the people in our care domestically and from abroad.

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Calling All Volunteers
Opportunities to Do a Mitzvah Are All Around Us
The Samaritas Refugee Center in Michigan helps new Americans resettle. Samaritas needs volunteers to deliver food to the homes of local refugee (mainly Ukrainian) families. On Thursdays, volunteers will pick up food from the ACC food pantry Detroit to bring to these families.... Read More
Devastation Hits the Middle East
As we watch the impact of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, our hearts go out to the people of these countries and to the families of those refugees we have served and continue to serve from these regions right here in Michigan. Read More
Samaritas is Helping Youths Quit Vaping
Vaping among teens has become a significant public health concern due to its dangers to their developing brains and the risk of addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most e-cigarettes, or vapes, contain nicotine, the addictive drug found in traditional... Read More

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The Fessenden Family

This is the story of 6 siblings who found their forever family through Samaritas adoption and foster care :)

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