Click Here To Lift Up Saginaw

Community Center Saginaw provides a safe haven for children in challenging neighborhoods. These kids are welcomed after school to focus on homework and participate in safe extracurricular activities. Families in the neighborhood are also welcomed in the evenings for a hot meal. Adolescents and young adults find safety in Community Center Saginaw during the day while their parents work.

Right now, we need your help in keeping this community center running at its full potential. Within the past 5 years - we've lost staff, volunteers and mentors due to drastic budget cuts. Most of the center is in need of repairs that they can't afford. Our mission with this campaign is not solely based on raising money. We are looking for motivated mentors that will guide these children in the right direction. We need dedicated volunteers willing and ready to serve the 30 to 100 youth that attend the center on a daily basis. And we ask that you please donate any clothes, shoes, basketballs, school supplies or anything else you feel could benefit the center. Thank you for being the rock that starts the ripple in Saginaw!

Child Programs

  • After-school activities
  • Homework help and tutoring
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports, including Boxing Club
  • Self-esteem programs
  • Substance-abuse prevention
  • Summer activities