Interested in Employing Refugees?

ATTENTION EMPLOYERS: You can register your company and post job opportunities for refugees through our new job portal. Samaritas is here to help serve your employment needs.

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man workingWe are Michigan's primary contractor for job development and placement, vocational English language training and citizenship services.

We provide:

  • job skills training
  • vocational English language training (VELT)
  • translation/interpretation services
  • help with social adjustment
  • outreach and referral
  • Most refugees are punctual and reliable, honest and trustworthy, highly productive and quick to learn. They are very appreciative of the opportunity to work, so they are dedicated to their employers and get along well with co-workers.

woman working

If you can employ refugees at your business in contact:

Employment, Detroit
– Vesna Cizmic, Program Manager, phone 248-663-0710

Resettlement, Detroit
– Mihaela Mitrofan, Program Manager, phone 248-663-8125

West Michigan (Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and Lansing)
– Christopher Cavanaugh, Program Manager, phone 616-356-1934

Employers who hire refugees may qualify for tax credits or grants to provide tools and uniforms for refugees. The federal Match Grant program in Detroit and Grand Rapids, offers incentives to refugees who find work quickly and do not need to rely on public assistance. The program provides employment training, placement and transportation.