Cherishing heritage, embracing a new culture

school photoIf you have worked with refugee students, you know that they face the same problems as all students – but in a more intense way. Most have been through traumatic experiences before arriving in the United States. They have had to leave family, friends and everything familiar to them. Now they have to learn a new language as well as American social conventions.

Their anxieties may be expressed in truancy or unruly classroom behavior.

Samaritas has developed a Refugee School Impact Program to help refugee students in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties and their parents adjust to the school environment. The program also provides resources and support to help teachers and administrators help the students. Services include English language instruction, translation services and referrals to tutoring services.

Help for parents

indian boyParent orientation sessions address parents’ concerns and show them how they can be involved in their children’s school experience. Topics include:

  • understanding American culture
  • structure of the American school system
  • No Child Left Behind Act (2001)
  • getting involved in the child’s education
  • getting ready for school
  • parent-teacher conferences
  • domestic and school violence
  • parent support groups

Help for teachers and administrators

Samaritas can provide training to help teachers and administrators understand the native culture of refugee students and the emotional impact of the refugee experience. We can also provide translation services and tips to improve communication with students and parents.

Help for children and teens

Youth orientation sessions provide students with the tools to be successful in the American school system. Topics include:

  • cultural diversity and expectations in schools
  • school rules and requirements
  • social opportunities
  • building positive peer relationships
  • health and safety
  • discovering your talents
  • discovering yourself

Call us at (248) 423-2790 to discuss how Samaritas can work with your school.