Alone in a strange land Samaritas Unaccompanied Minor Program (Lansing office only) serves youths who arrive in the United States under the age of 18 with no appropriate adult to care for them. We give them a safe place to stay, take care of their health needs, and help them enroll in school. Refugee youth have come to us from many different countries, including Afghanistan, Botswana, Burma, China, Cuba, El Savador, Guinea, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Mexico, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam and Yemen.

Help Refugee Foster Youth

You can help

They need adults who can befriend them, introduce them to American culture, and help them develop the skills they need to function successfully as adults.

The role of the mentor

Mentors build a relationship of unconditional caring and friendship to help refugee youths learn independent living and social skills. As positive role models, mentors share their knowledge and experience to help the youths adjust to differences they experience in the United States. Mentors also help them explore educational and career choices.

Mentors must...
  • be 18 years of age or older.
  • be available for weekly contact. A commitment of at least a year is preferred; at least six months is required
  • have a valid driver's license and be willing to provide transportation for youths.
  • pass a criminal background check and sexual offender registry clearance.
  • participate in training sessions
As a Mentor, you will...
  • develop leadership skills.
  • share knowledge and experience.
  • encourage, empower and support others.
  • model a healthy relationship.
  • learn about another culture.
  • have fun!

The goal of the mentor program is to provide positive role models to our refugee and immigrant foster care youth. Mentors will work toward helping our youth adjust to the culture of the United States as well as help to improve their personal, social, and independent living skills. The program also provides mentors with trainings, support groups, and opportunities to grow as a leader within the community. Mentors must...

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