Co-Sponsorship: The Gold Standard of Volunteering

Through Co-Sponsorship, you can be directly involved with the work of refugee resettlement by partnering with one refugee family during their initial period of resettlement, providing them with critical support services as they settle into their new communities. Co-Sponsors significantly expand the individual care beyond what an agency can do alone! Interested in Co-Sponsorship? Click below to fill out the form and we will reach out to you soon!

** Please note: Co-Sponsorships are only available in Southeast Michigan at this time **

Become A Co-Sponsor

Make a meaningful impact in the lives of refugee families through your generous contributions to the Refugee Family Partnership Fund! In a world where countless families are fleeing their homes in search of safety and stability, your support has the power to create a profound and lasting change. The challenges faced by refugees are often immense, from the uncertainty of a new homeland to the daunting prospect of starting anew. Your compassion and generosity can be the beacon of hope they desperately need. By extending your hand through the Refugee Family Partnership Fund, you can be a source of hope, resilience, and transformation for those who have faced unimaginable hardships. Together, we can make a world of difference...

Helps stock the pantries and feed 2 refugee families for a month.

Helps cover one month of wheels and muscle costs to help refugee families move into their new homes (average 15 families monthly).

Can provide three months of rent and utilities to help a refugee family restart their life in Michigan.

Provides 50 beds with linens for one month to help refugee families rest comfortably.

Wheels & Muscles

Over the past year, Samaritas has moved over 100 families into homes, and now you can be a part of this too! Help provide the wheels and muscles needed to move a family into their new home. Commit to at least one move quarterly, and you will be a Wheels and Muscles ROCKSTAR! For more information, email Mackenzie Benninger at

Welcome Home

Do you want to help a refugee family make their new house a home? Joining a Welcome Home Team means you collect furniture and housing items and set them up in a family’s home prior to them moving in. For more information, email Mackenzie Benninger at

Donate Today

Your support is not just a financial contribution; it is a lifeline that can provide these families with the opportunities and resources they need to rebuild their lives. To donate, contact DeeDee McVety at or Mackenzie Benninger at