Samaritas has committed to helping resettle 684 Afghan refugees, including women, children, men and families like yours living in Michigan. The Afghan refugee crisis has devastated families and is an opportunity for the community to join together and respond loudly to the Taliban and the world that violence, intolerance and persecution will not be tolerated. If you’re wondering how best to support Afghan refugees, you can take the first step by donating any items, clothing, and money today to help resettled Afghan refugees build a new home and welcome them into Michigan’s loving communities.

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Afghan Refugee Network
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Welcoming those seeking refuge is something we believe our Mission calls us to do, and we ask you to stand with us to support Afghan refugees with clothing, household items, childrens toys, and anything else you can give as they flee the only home they have ever known for the chance of a new life.

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We Need Your Support

Your membership and support of the Afghan Refugee Network at Samaritas will fund the life changing gift of rent, clothing, and basic needs. Afghan refugees arrive with little more than the clothes on their back. Remarkably, within 180 days, Samaritas has shown that over 75% of Afghan refugees are self-sufficient, partially thanks to the support of donors like you. Your support is critical - it can change lives, and assist in assuaging the Afghan refugee crisis.

We urgently need to raise these funds for new refugee arrivals. Donate now to ensure Afghan refugees are supported now and in the immediate future. Our donors create a coalition of community, corporate and civic leaders, answering the call to welcome hundreds of those escaping war and unspeakable trauma. Helping these refugees make a new start by donating is one critical way we can express our gratitude and thanks for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

Your donation partnership ensures the successful integration of Afghan refugees arriving in the U.S. and creates meaningful and varied ways for faith and community groups to engage with and walk alongside refugee families in service, friendship, and as advocates. We are asking for your help in three ways:

1.  Please join the Afghan Refugee Network and make a direct donation to Samaritas below.
2.  Please share this message and link with your friends and associates in the wider community.
3.  Help us find affordable housing options for Afghan refugee families by clicking here.

Your contributions help Samaritas resettle refugees fleeing from war, persecution, and unspeakable trauma.

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Pay to the order of: Samaritas
8131 E. Jefferson Ave.
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If you would like to speak directly with one of the Afghan Refugee Network co-chairs for more information, please contact Samaritas / Kelli Dobner at or Christ Church Cranbrook / Fr. Bill Danaher at

In the unlikely event that contributions received exceeds the costs associated with the Afghan Refugee Network, those funds will be spent on other mission critical needs.