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Today, more than 19 million refugees around the world are fleeing war, terrorism, religious persecution and other forms of danger. These are people of all ages being forced to flee from their own countries by war or political unrest. Many are families with young children who have spent years in refugee camps before they are granted permission to enter the United States. They arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Samaritas New Americans Programs help newly arrived refugees navigate their confusing and sometimes scary first few months in the U.S. With the support of the U.S. Department of State’s Reception and Placement Program, we help provide newly arrived refugees with the essential services and support they need to begin to rebuild their lives and take steps toward becoming U.S. citizens.

The Al Zoubi Story

What We Do

Samaritas provides each refugee with the support to obtain self-sufficiency and become contributing members of our community within one year of arrival. This includes:

 Providing furnished housing and financial assistance
 Aiding families in obtaining medical care
 Helping parents enroll their children in school
 Assisting adults to complete all the process and paper work necessary for them to function in our community

Our Services

 Learn English
 Acquire Skills for living and working in the U.S.
 Obtain transportation
 Utilize job placement resources
 Integrate culturally and socially into their new community

Did You Know

75% of refugees we help to resettle are self-sufficient within 180 days of arrival despite the challenges of learning English and discovering ways to integrate into a new culture and country. Samaritas works with volunteers, social service providers, employers & communities to help refugees overcome many challenges they face.

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How Can YOU Help

If each person in the room today contributed just $5, you could collectively meet the needs of an entire family of four for one month. Gifts from individuals like you help us provide services families need that exceed Federal grant funding.By giving today, you are helping Samaritas fill the gaps and enhance the experiences for refugee families beyond what the basic Federal resettlement funding allows.