Samaritas House, Heartline
8201 Sylvester Street
Detroit, MI 48214

(313) 923-4200

Samaritas House, Heartline in Detroit is a safe haven that provides shelter, food, a supportive environment and discipline to women leaving the Correction System or who are homeless. We serve women who are on probation for a criminal offense; serving a sentence through the criminal justice system; leaving a drug rehabilitation program; escaping a home broken by addiction; battered or in an abusive relationship. All residents receive counseling and support to help them become productive citizens.

women hugging

Samaritas House, Heartline - one of the few centers of its kind in Michigan, leads women to a point where they can rejoin the mainstream as productive members of the community. For any homeless assistance, all callers or email inquiries should be directed to either other of the following: 

  • Detroit residents should contact the CAM (Coordinated Assessment Model) – 313-305-0311
  • Our Wayne county residents should contact the HARA(Housing Assistance and Resource Agency) – 734-284-6999

We Achieve Results

Women leaving the center use the following terms to describe themselves:

More confident Greater self-esteem More independent More disciplined


Samaritas House, Heartline offers a woman many opportunities.
Residents can:

  • Complete her basic education and earn a GED
  • Complete her incarceration period
  • Work on sobriety and drug rehabilitation
  • Find employment
  • Acquire vocational training


Residents have numerous responsibilities.
They are expected to:

  • Show respect for others and self
  • Maintain proper grooming and dress
  • Keep appointments
  • Observe the rules: no drugs, no alcohol, no sex, no fighting, no weapons
  • Share in the housecleaning
  • Learn meal planning
  • Budget, save and live within their income
  • Obtain proper identification in order to secure employment and access to community resources