Samaritas House Heartline is a residential re-entry center for women; providing support services for over 50 years. The residents are a blend of all social economic statuses, nationalities, and religious creeds. Each person is counseled with respect, compassion, distinction and conviction. The goal is to meet the needs of each individual, uphold human dignity, and advocate equality and justice.
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Empowering Residents
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woman at peaceWomen are provided guidance and counseled towards personal accountability, independent living, and self-actualization. Each resident is provided with:

♦  Individual Intensive Case Management
♦  Transportation
♦  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
♦  Moral Reconation Therapy
♦  Aftercare plans
♦  Pharmacy Delivery Service
♦  Job Training
♦  Yoga Meditation
♦  GED prep classes
♦  Trauma-based classes
♦  Substance Abuse Therapy
♦  Onsite NA and AA meetings
♦  Financial literacy classes with local banks
♦  Random Urine Analysis verified by toxicology lab
♦  Community Service hours completed at local nonprofits
♦  Referral Pickups from jail, home, or any probation agent designated site
♦  Leisure Activities: Holiday parties, guest speakers, coordinated events, and more
♦  University Partnership Classes - Anger management, parenting, stressless and mindfulness


8201 Sylvester St
Detroit, MI 48214


Amy T. Schaumburger
Director, Heartline
Email  (313) 923-4200

Accepting Referrals

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Samaritas House Heartline is inspected and audited by all partners as required by each individual contract. Click below to view the contract requirements for Samaritas House to accept new referrals.

Required Documentation

PREA Audit Report

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The PREA audit is designed specifically as an audit of practices. Auditors are trained to thoroughly review and analyze Samaritas House Heartline's facility practices to ensure that compliance is institutionalized.

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PREA Policy

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Samaritas House Heartline has a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse or sexual harassment. All staff are trained on the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) and the facility is PREA certified.

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quotation mark  Before I came to this program, I wasn't really ready to give the street life up. At first I was trying to bond out, because I wasn't ready to try and change my life. I thought it was impossible, because I've been through so much in my life. I just knew that, this was what my life consisted of. As I continued to be locked up, I struggled to love myself and kept beating myself up about things. Bad thoughts continued to run through my head, like what if I go to prison my life will be over. And it will be very hard to bounce back from that, then I was presented going to rehab and drug court. At first I was still very hesitant about things, because I'm like nothing can help me I'm far gone. Then when I got to Detroit, things started to change in my life. I started going to classes, and really paying attention to others around me. They helped me to slowly start realizing that, maybe there is more to life than using or dealing drugs. The more and more I attended these classes, I started feeling better and better about my recovery. The one on one with the therapist really was the key in all this, they helped me to touch on things that I never thought I could release. It helped me to look at things in a different and prospective, and I am truly grateful. Then I got (released), and was able to feel like I fit right in, because there are people who I'm seeing doing better than ever. Friends that I can lean on, when I need advice or even to just release my feelings. Also, this program is really keeping me motivated to continue doing what I have to do for myself. To be a better person, a mother, and live a very productive and sober life. With the help of you guys and the program, pushing to strive for greatest I know that I am worthy of a second chance. So thank you guys for even considering me to phase up, and actually seeing the changes I'm making in my life. Just like phase one, I will continue to grow in phase two. Meet all of my requirements, that is needed of me. I want to say Thank you to the whole team, and with you guys I will succeed."
~ Samaritas House Heartline Resident

Proud Partners of Samaritas House Heartline

The dedication of the staff, proper coaching techniques for self-improvement, and positive role modeling gives the women the opportunity to emulate leadership and develop confidence. Samaritas House Heartline’s goal is to plant the seeds of possibility and help with individual accomplishments, so that upon discharge, women emerge from the program with self-confidence and a sense of worth. Each resident is a valued for her individual strengths…It is just a matter of getting her to believe in her amazing self.