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At our Senior Living communities we are committed to an active program of care to enhance the quality of life for the residents and provide comfort and understanding for their loved ones.

person iconFocus on the Whole Person: We focus on the person, not the disease. The whole person approach seeks to understand each individual’s history, needs, personality, faith and values. Regardless of one’s cognitive abililty, their personhood never diminishes. We start with learning each resident’s past preferences and life history and use that information to guide how to meet their present physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social needs.

eyeglass iconEvidence-Based: We utilize programs and philosophies of care that have been clinically tested to have positive outcomes for those with memory loss. We have selected the Montessori method in our recreational therapy programming and the Unmet Needs Model for personal care interactions. Recognizing that all behavior has meaning, we strive to understand what the person is communicating to us so that we can meet their individual needs.

person iconPerson-centered Care: It is essential for those with memory loss to have opportunities to make their own choices, to derive purpose and to have meaningful interactions and activities each day. Person-centered care means that residents are supported in achieving the level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being that is based on their own desires and preferences. We strive to provide these opportunities for residents every day.

puzzle iconRemaining Abilities: Despite cognitive losses, persons with dementia are very resilient and through innovate methods can learn new things, develop meaningful relationships and give back to the community.  We strive to maintain the strengths and abilities for everyone at the Harbor, focusing on their unique God-given abilities. Emotional memory, sensory skills and humor are just a few of the remaining abilities we focus on to enhance wellbeing.

book iconSpiritual Focus: Being a part of the Samaritas campus-life means we encourage you to participate in our faith community and express personal spirituality in meaningful ways for persons with memory loss. We hold our mission statement close as we choose to serve our residents as an expression of the love of Christ. 


We are dedicated to furthering memory care research which is why we sponsor organizations like the Alzheimer's Association, Dementia Friendly Grand Rapids and Rethinking Dementia Accelerating Change