Why It Matters

Art appreciation is one of the enrichment activities for Samaritas refugee foster youth, unaccompanied refugee minors, and other unaccompanied children in our care. 

The talent on display at the Samaritas Youth Art Show exemplifies the creativity, vibrancy, and energy of the young people we nurture who have fled from their homelands. Art is an outlet to express themselves.

Talent like this should not, and cannot be contained, which is why we need your help to ensure we have plenty more programs to diversify their experience.

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Hear Their Stories

Former Refugee Minors Tell Their Story

Samaritas is committed to being there to care for unaccompanied children who come into our country. Edwin and Sulma's stories are harrowing but over an accurate portrayal of the journey to the United States from the Southern Border.

We provide sanctuary -- basic needs and safety to education, medical treatment, therapy, ESL, family connections, life skills, art and other activities. When no family or sponsor is identified or it’s not a suitable situation for the child, then they stay in our shelter or with foster families. Our shelter is “Camino a Casa,” which means “the road home.”

Support the families and young people like this in our care with a donation. 

Samaritas Youth Art Shop

Purchase something from our online Youth Art Shop to support the Samaritas Refugee Foster Care, Unaccompanied Refugee Minors and other unaccompanied children in our care. 

You can have your favorite piece printed on an item like a mug, tote bag, or spiral notebook. You can even purchase an 8 x 10 inch or 18 x 24 inch reprint of your favorite piece for your home. Proceeds from each sale will help fund Samaritas New American and Youth Advocacy Board enrichment programs.