We are looking for students who are interested in immersing themselves in a vibrant senior community. Intergenerational engagement provides significant benefits for connecting residents to the broader community, enhancing well-being for both youth and older adults, reducing ageism, reducing isolation, and preparing an aging workforce.

student with elder woman

What to Expect

This partnership is designed to create an immersive environment where students will live, eat, and interact with seniors on a daily basis. Students will provide social interaction and skills learned from their academic pursuits in exchange for reduced cost on room and board. Samaritas Senior Living is now accepting applications for our fall 2023 Intergenerational program. Students from Grand Valley State University College of Health Professions and Lawrence Technological University are encouraged to apply. Click Here to view the full program description.


These forms provide an explanation of the application process and faculty recommendation, which must be filled out and submitted by 3/20/2023. For more information, please contact Paul Stavros at pstav@samaritas.org.

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Students are provided a one bedroom apartment and a meal package for one academic year in exchange for 10 hours per week of volunteer time within our community.

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Students are encouraged to combine social engagement with their academic interests when providing their volunteer hours to the residents of Samaritas.

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Volunteer activities may include: friendly visiting, arts/activities programming, health and wellness activities, oral history/reminiscence interviewing, and/or language/literacy programs.