As we watch the impact of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, our hearts go out to the people of these countries and to the families of those refugees we have served and continue to serve from these regions right here in Michigan.

We know that it takes a village to best serve others
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While Samaritas is here in Michigan serving refugee families from Syria and other parts of the world, these great organizations are on-site in Turkey and Syria right now helping in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

We Need Your Support

Samaritas is proud to have some incredible partners who have search and rescue teams on the ground in Syria and Turkey as we speak. Please consider supporting our friend organizations here:

  • CARE International - partners of Samaritas through the Detroit Refugee Netwirk effort
  • MedGlobal - a American Non-Profit Organization
  • UNHCR - United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees
  • UNICEF - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund