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You or a loved are sure to find your best fit amongst our six services. Our expert clinical teams will help evaluate individual needs to determine what program will best meet your needs while also allowing for the most independence possible. As your needs change, Samaritas Senior Living will help guide you and ensure successful transitions of care.

These communities offer specific services and amenities that cater to seniors and promote active, healthy lifestyles for all of our residents.


Being "Fit"
Written by Rev. Richard A. Anderson, Chaplain - When I think of fitness I think of physical fitness, mental fitness and spiritual fitness. In many ways, these areas of fitness are related in that they require discipline, determination and devotion. Physical fitness is obvious.... Read More
Drink More Water!
Written by Jim Berk -  The benefits of drinking water are numerous. Your organs, muscles and joints need it, including your heart. Water helps your immune system fight off germs and lowers your chance of getting kidney stones. It can certainly prevent you from getting... Read More